Kelly Hall Lab 230

This lab is shared with Prof. Peter Vikesland and Prof. Linsey Marr from the Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering. It is a unique space that promotes interdisciplinary collaborations by bringing together students and postdocs who are researching environmental nanoscience and technology from different perspectives.

Dynamic Light Scattering [Malvern Zetasizer NanoZS, 2010] - Hochella group

N2-Sorption for BET Surface Area and Porosity Measurements [Quantachrome AS-1, 2012] - Hochella group

Raman/Atomic Force Microscope [Wiitec, 2009] - Vikesland group

Atomic Force Microscope [Veeco Multimode] - Vikesland group

UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer [Varian 5000] - Vikesland group

Scanning mobility particle sizer (4-700nm aerosols) [TSI 3936NL] - Marr group

Optical particle counter (300-10,000nm aerosols) [TSI 9306] - Marr group

Aerosol photometer for real-time PM2.5 or PM10 aerosols [TSI DustTrak 8520] - Marr group

Diffusion charger for real-time aerosol particle surface area [EcoChem Analytics DC 2000 CE] - Marr group

Photoionization aerosol sensor for particulate PAHs [EchoChem Analytics PAS 2000] - Marr group

Various other instruments for producing/detecting/sampling aerosol gases and particles - Marr group

High performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) [Hewlet Packard] - Marr group

Ultrapure water filtration system (Barnstead Nanopure Life Science w/ TOC monitor, 2008)

5 chemical fume hoods

1 laminar flow hood

Derring Hall Lab 5093D

This is a wet chemistry lab used by the Hochella and Michel groups.

X-ray Diffractometer [Rigaku Mini-Flex, 2011] - Neil Johnson

UV-Vis Spectrophotometer [Beckman Coulter]


Partial list of commonly-used instruments by the Environmental Nanoscience group. See the official NCFL website for more information, training, and scheduling.

FEI Titan 80-300kV TEM

JEOL 2100 200kV TEM w/ cryo capabilities

Philips EM-420 120kV TEM

Leo-Zeiss FE-SEM

FEI Quanta 600 FEG E-SEM

S.H.E.D. (Study of Hazardous Emissions from Diesel)

This shed houses the diesel engine for combustion research and is located off-campus at the VT Structures lab.


An environmental microbiology lab headed by Prof. Amy Pruden.