Teaching and Outreach

Graduate Education:

Mike Hochella and Marc Michel are part of the VT Sustainable Nanotechnology (VT SuN) Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Program (IGEP). IGEPs are Virginia Tech sponsored programs that are highly unique and align well with VT's committment towards "transcending traditional disciplinary perspectives." 

Undergraduate Education:

Mike Hochella and Marc Michel are also part of the VT College of Science Integrated Science Curriculum for undergraduate students. Mike team-taught Introduction to Nanoscience I in Fall 2012 (part of a two-part course) and his lab hosts students during their laboratory rotations. A new Nanoscience undergraduate degree is also in development.

High School Education:

Andrew Madden (PhD '05), Tracy Bank (PhD '04), Mike Hochella and co-authors wrote a curriculum development book for teachers of grades 9-12 titled "Welcome to Nanoscience: Interdisciplinary Environmental Explorations."

Public Science Outreach:

Pulse of the Planet "Science Diaries" aired eight two-minute clips in 2007 entitled "How Toxins Move" about Mike Hochella, Kelly Plathe (PhD '09) and colleagues looking for nanoparticles in the Clark Fork River, Montana. The episodes were re-aired in 2013. Click the links for the audio and transcripts of individual episodes. [VT press release

[1. Clark Fork River] [2. Hours in the Library] [3. Headwaters] [4. Restoration] [5. Comparison] [6. Shelved] [7. Samples] [8. Found It!

A new episode with Mike Hochella, "Nanoparticles - Ocean Fertilization" [link], aired on March 11, 2013. Ten more episodes are planned and will be linked here when finished.

Prof. Michael Hochella's courses:

COS 2984: Introduction to Nanoscience I (Fall 2015)

NANO 3124: Nanoscience and the Environment (Spring 2016)

Prof. Mitsu Murayama's courses:

MSE 5134: Intro to Transmission Electron Microscopy (Fall)

MSE 4334: Applied Materials Analysis

MSE 2034: Elementals of Materials Engineering (Spring 2016)

Prof. Marc Michel's courses:

GEOS 3504: Mineralogy (Fall 2015)

NANO 3124: Nanoscience and the Environment (Spring 2016)