Hydrothermal Lab

The Hydrothermal Laboratory includes 20 cold-seal pressure vessels (≤ 800°C; ≤ 7 kbars), one large-volume internally heated pressure vessel (≤1000°C; ≤ 5 kbars), and two TZM pressure vessels (1000°C/3 kbars; 1100°C/1 kbar). Complete sample preparation facilities are available for preparation of synthetic fluid inclusions in the hydrothermal lab.

Fluid Inclusion Lab

The Fluid Inclusion Laboratory contains state of the art equipment for studying melt and fluid inclusions in natural and synthetic materials, including:

Ion Microprobe Lab

The Ion Microprobe Laboratory houses a Cameca IMS 7f GEO (installed January, 2007). The ion probe is optimized for light stable isotope (H, C, N, O, S) analysis of natural and synthetic materials.

Laser Ablation ICPMS (LA-ICPMS) Lab

The LA-ICPMS lab is a brand new facility located in Derring Hall. It features an Agilent 7500ce ICPMS coupled with a Geolas laser ablation system. Some of the key features of this system are:

Vibrational Spectroscopy Lab

The Vibrational Spectroscopy Laboratory contains two laser Raman microprobes for analysis of fluid and melt inclusions and minerals. Both systems are based on the JY Horiba LabRam HR (high resolution) design with an 800 mm spectrograph. One system is equipped with a 100 mW, air-cooled 514 nm Argon laser and a 17 mW, 632 nm HeNe laser for excitation; an air-cooled (-70°C) CCD detector with a 1024 x 256 pixels front illuminated chip; 1800 and 600 grooves/mm gratings; confocal optics; an internal Ne source for wavelength calibration; an FTIR module that permits FTIR and Raman analysis of the same spot without moving the sample. The second Raman system is identical to the first except that it is equipped with 2400 and 300 groove/mm gratings; a 5 W, 514 nm Argon ion laser and a 100 mW, 244 nm UV laser; liquid nitrogen cooled, back-illuminated CCD detector optimized for the UV region. Both systems are equipped with Olympus microscopes with a range of objective lenses and filters. A Linkam 600°C heating/cooling stage, a Chaixmeca heating stage, and a Joule-Thompson cooling stage are available for use on both instruments.

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