The Fluids Group

Former Members


Bob Bodnar is the leader of the Fluids Research Group. Bob received his BS degree in chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh, MS in geology from the University of Arizona, and PhD in geochemistry from Penn State University. Bob's interests include playing (running, basketball, racketball) and watching (football, baseball, basketball) sports, 1960s-70s rock & roll, sports cars, mineral collecting, mindless reading (mystery and action novels), traveling and animals.

Research Associates

Luca Fedele is a Research Associate from Naples (Italy). Luca's main responsibility is running the laser ablation ICP-MS laboratory. Luca's most recent research has been investigating the role of boundary layers in melt inclusion trapping.


Charles Farley is the primary technician for Vibrational Spectroscopy Lab. Charles likes to fish.

Graduate Students

Rosario Esposito is a PhD student participating in the joint PhD program between VT and the Universita di Napoli Federico II. He began his PhD studies in fall 2006 and his research involves determining the magmatic evolution of the Campi Flegrei (Italy) volcanic field using melt inclusions, and assessing the fidelity of melt inclusions in recording pre-eruptive volatile evolution in magmatic systems. In addition to geology, Rosario likes playing soccer, cooking Italian food, and playing chess.
Daniel Moncada is from Guadalajara, Mexico. Daniel is working on application of fluid inclusions and mineral textures in exploration for epithermal precious metals deposits. Daniel's interests include hiking, reading books on philosophy and watching non-commercial movies.
Matthew Steele-MacInnis is from Newfoundland, Canada. Matt is working on several research projects related to PVTX properties of geologic fluids, including predicting quartz solubility in mixed aqueous fluids, numerical methods for estimating the composition of H2O-NaCl-CaCl2 fluid inclusions, modeling the effects of post-entrapment crystallization on H2O-CO2 systematics of melt inclusions, reactive transport modeling in sub-seafloor hydrothermal systems and porphyry copper systems, an equation of state for H2O-CO2 fluids, volumetric constraints on CO2 sequestration in saline aquifers, and the speciation of silica in aqueous fluids and silicate melts.
Pilar Lecumberri Sanchez is from Aranjuez, Spain. Her research focuses on the evolution of mineralization, alteration and fluid characteristics in time and space in the porphyry copper to high-sulfidation epithermal transition. Her main site is Red Mountain AZ. Some other research interests include: thermometric behaviour and interpretation of fluid inclusions entrapped under halite-saturated conditions; influence of fluid composition in thermometric interpretation of fluid inclusions; source and evolution of fluids in ore deposits; and characterizing fluids responsible for gem-quality rhodochrosite mineralization. Pilar enjoys bird-watching, light reading, drawing, botany, and all kinds of action movies.
Denise Levitan is a PhD student working in the Fluids Research Group and the Hydrogeosciences Research Group. Her research focuses on uranium mobility in the environment and precipitation of uranium phosphate minerals, and she is conducting a baseline survey at the Coles Hill uranium deposit in Pittsylvania County, VA. In addition to environmental chemistry, Denise enjoys sailing, audiobooks, and cookies.
Ryan Capobianco is from Binghamtom, New York. Ryan studies phase equilibria in the high XCO2 region of the H2O-CO2 (-NaCl) system at temperatures and pressures relevant to geologic sequestration of CO2.
Elizabeth Krukowski is a PhD student from Michigan. Her research is based on studying the sorption fluid properties of injecting CO2 into reservoir cap rocks. In addition to fluid geochemistry, Elizabeth enjoys cookies, cheesy sci-fi movies and cross-stitching.
Hector Lamadrid is from Tampico, Mexico. Hector is working on determining H2O contents of fluid inclusions from granulite-facies rocks. Previously he has worked on geochemistry and geology of diagenesis and water/rock interaction in carbonate basins, focusing on petroleum exploratin and Mississippi-Valley-type deposits. Hector's interests besides science are reading books (especially science fiction), sports, music, camping, cooking, ranting about politics, and working out.
Rita Klebesz is from Budapest, Hungary. She is an exchange student from the Universita di Napol Federico II. Rita studies nodules from the Sarno eruption of Vesuvius (Italy) in order to better understand and constrain the pre-eruptive magma-chamber processes and the magma source region of this plinian eruption, based on melt inclusion studies.

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