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Bojeong Kim
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Mailing Address:
4044 Derring Hall
Blacksburg, Virginia 24061 USA

Office: 5042 Derring Hall
Office Phone: 540.231.5151
Fax: 540.231.3386

Research interests: I have a strong background in analytical chemistry, soil chemistry, soil microbiology, mineralogy, plant physiology and environmental toxicology. My interests in the field of environmental toxicology are (1) to estimate the toxicity of manufactured nanoparticles on living target organisms, (2) to unravel the complicated nature of the combined metal toxicity, and (3) to understand the behavior of nanocrystalline mackinawite in natural environments for its further use to remediate metal-contaminated sites.

Brief Resesearch Description: I am currently involved in the CEINT project, and my research interests for the center are (1) to determine sources and characteristics of naturally-occurring and manufactured nano-sized particles in the environment, (2) to identify ways to distinguish between the natural and manufactured nanomaterials, and (3) to develop and/or refine analytical methods to measure free metal ions that are released from the manufactured nanoparticles.