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Hochella group dinner to welcome Harish, James, and Lisa, and to celebrate Rebecca's successful preliminary exams. (9/15/2010)

Hochella group dinner celebrating Kelly Plathe's successful PhD defense (February 2010).

Group photo in July 2009 at Dr. Hochella's house.

The group in April of 2007 celebrating Alison Smith's graduation.
This fall she will start a Ph.D/M.D. program at Tulane University.

Mike receives award
Mike becomes an AGU Fellow at a ceremony in Baltimore in May, 2006.
AGU President John Orcutt (left) presents Mike with the award.
Kelly in Chilean Andes
Kelly in the Andes after attending an exciting TEM workshop in Santiago, Chile sponsored by the Pan American Advanced Studies Institute.

Mike in cockpit, taking off
Mike just after take-off from the Libby, Montana airfield (summer, 2006). The spectacular Cabinet Mountains are in the background. Air reconnaissance is a valuable tool in environmental geoscience studies. Photo taken by Prof. Mickey Gunter, University of Idaho.
Mike checking fuel in airplane
Mike checking the fuel in his airplane before taking off from the airfield in Libby, Montana (summer, 2006). Photo taken by Prof. Mickey Gunter, University of Idaho.

Deric and Nick getting some beamtime in October 2006 at the Advanced
Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory. They were there helping
former Ph.D. student Andy Madden run some soil samples from Oak Ridge
National Laboratory.
Former Post-doc Brian Lower (left) and former Ph.D. student Kevin Rosso
(right) doing some STM work with Nick at the Environmental Molecular
Sciences Laboratory at Pacific Northwest National Lab.

the group at the homeplace
The group celebrating former Ph.D. student Andy Madden's birthday in 2004 with some fine southern
cuisine at The Homeplace, a family-style eatery in Catawba, VA.

Mike and former Ph.D. student Tracy (Cail) Bank celebrating Tracy's
successful defense back in 2003.

Saumya and Deric along Oregon coast
Saumya and Deric along the Oregon coast after attending the 2004 CMS
meeting and short course on Microbial-Mineral Interactions.

Kelly in San Francisco
Kelly outside of San Francisco after attending a 2005 Mineralogical
Society of America short-course on Molecular Geomicrobiology.

Juan, Mike, and Barbara with Professor Anhuai Lu while visiting
the University of Beijing, China in 2005.

The Hochella group in 2003 after Mike received the Dana Medal from the Mineralogical Society of America. Pictured (from left to right) are
Chris Tadanier, Saumya Bose, Treavor Kendall, Andy Madden,
Tracy Bank, Brian Lower, and Mike Hochella.

photo of the group
The group saying goodbye to former post-doc Heike Pieper and at research
professor Chris Tadanier at Mike's house in 2005.

Jenny at Wright Brothers Museum
Juan at the Wright Brothers National Memorial in North Carolina.
Former Master's student Andrew Werner taking first place in a recent
motorcycle race -- way to go Andrew!